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About LACRC: Regional Advisory Board

The LACRC is overseen by a Regional Advisory Board, which was established during the fall of 2000. This group represents nineteen organizations that include members of the Department of Health in DC and Maryland, DC non-profit organizations, DC Latino Community organizations, NCI (CIS), NCI Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program, NIH Hispanic Initiative, ACS Mid-Atlantic Division, and support groups organizations. These organizations have a specific interest in participating in all cancer control and prevention activities of the LACRC. This group still represents the first and only Spanish-language cancer control organization in the Washington, DC metro area.

  • American Cancer Society,
    Mid-Atlantic Division, Inc.

  • Cancer Information Service,
    Mid-Atlantic Region

  • Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program
    Office of Preventive Oncology
    National Cancer Institute

  • Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities
    National Cancer Institute, NIH

  • Council of Latino Agencies

  • District of Columbia Department of Health
    • Maternal and Family Health Administration
    • Preventive Health Services Administration

  • District of Columbia Non-Profit Clinic Consortium

  • District of Columbia Primary Care Association

  • Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
    National Cancer Institute, NIH

  • Howard University, CIS

  • Montgomery County Health Department

  • Montgomery County Latino Health Initiative
    Women's Cancer Control Program

  • National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco

  • Nueva Vida

  • Prince George's County Health Department
    Prince George's Colorectal Cancer

  • Washington Hospital Center Foundation

  • Washington Hospital Center,
    Washington Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute
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